Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Founded in Japan, Jiu Jitsu was brought to Brazil by an Ambassador named Esai Maeda, also known as Count Koma. There the Gracie Family refined its techniques to develop one of the most effective self defense systems in the world.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or BJJ for short), as it is often referred to in America, can attribute its rise in popularity to the growing sport of mixed martial arts, where the effectiveness of its ground techniques are readily apparent. Also, within the BJJ community, the sportive competitions have flourished with its ever growing legions of competitors. We focus on the four main phases of combat and self defense:

Area I.  Clinch and Striking (includes avoiding strikes)
Area II.  Ground Fighting And Defense (includes escapes, transitions, and submissions)
Area III.  Take Downs and Throws (how to bring the fight to the ground safely)
Area IV.  Defense from Surprise Attacks (includes gun, stick and knife disarms )

Although we see the best jiu jitsu practitioners innovate new techniques, the system is rooted in fundamental principles and techniques, in carrying with the tradition of the Gracie family, we offer courses in the fundamentals of jiu jitsu along with a self defense curriculum.

Come learn with other professionals in a clean non ego environment where the focus is on learning in a safe  friendly environment

Some professionals that train with us include lawyers,  college students, and corporate executives.


Day Classes Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Adult Nogi BJJ 1 hour 11:00 11:00
Evening Classes Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday (No-Gi)
Jr. Beginner  Classes 45 min. 6:15 5:15 6:15 (1 hour)
Jr. Advanced Classes 1 hour 5:15 5:15 5:15
Competition Class (All Ages) 45 min. 6:15
Adults’ Program 1 hour 7:30 8:00 (1.5hrs) 7:30 8:30